Saturday, 22 March 2014

White Elephants in the Sky

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Camden Market

This is my second post showing off my ripped jeans. However, this time I paired it with my fav jumper from rokit, white high heels and a very futuristic metallic clutch bag from ebay.
I kinda felt that today was the right day for one-color layering and there was definitely no better choice than my white elephant in the sky jumper to give my outfit a "blue-phase" look.
At a quick glance the printlooks like clouds , however, once one looks at it long enough the white elephants become very clear. I usually don't really go for printed jumpers but the elephants, the soft blue colour and feel as well as style made me want to buy it and wear it all the time.
The clutch bag only arrived yesterday and it is already one of my fav items, I love its colour, its futuristic look, its shape and its feel. It is extremely versatile and goes with everything as it basically has no colour but at the same time reflects every colour one is wearing. Another plus: in sunny weather it glitters like a rainbow in the light. It is also a light-weight and therefore easy to hold and very spacious eventhough it basically looks like an envelop.
I love round shades as they remind me of the 90ies and I am a 90ies child plus Ive only bought them today for £5 at the market and I am already obsessed with them.

 I had a great day at Camden Market and bought a few new vintage items which I will soon be showing off on my blog. However, the day did end on a sour note, when I dropped my S4 for the second time and completely cracked the screen rendering it utterly useless but the worst part was finding out that I am not insured and therefore might be forced to buy a new very expensive and for me non-affordable phone.

Anyways, for now I am without a phone but with great new clothes, shades and accessories....I guess no one has it all...thanks for sparing a moment to read this post xxx

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