Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Monochrome meets Red

I dont have to much to say about this one. I have to admit that I didnt think much about what to wear and basically threw the whole outfit together in about 5 mins. I guess its the effortless looks that surprise you.

Monday, 12 May 2014

John Loves Yoko

"As always there is a great woman behind every idiot" -John Lennon

What can i say, Lennon and Yoko's love for not only each other but also for the whole entire world portrayed on a T- shirt from Asos. Nice...
I love the "Collar-Sneak-Peak" look which frames the face beautifully, attracting attention to every girl's (or man's) accessory -yep cliche but true: your smile. In addition, this look makes every outfit look sleak and classy with no effort. Soooo i decided to pair my tshirt with a denim dress rather then the classic shirt to make it a bit more edgy and i think i achieved my fashion goal, what do u think?
I looooove my Kanken, agreed its a tiny bit pricey (£50) for a backpack buuuut so worth it. It is very light due to its material, very spacious, has a very unusual square shape and comes in any colour under the sun.
As much as my Kanken i absolutely adore my Nikes which i try to wear at any opportunity.
They are very comfortable, light and can make a statement with their popping colour.
Walking around Bethal Green before raiding Blitz the vintage shop was defo a comfortable affair with these shoes and the Kanken, while my Tshirt was shouting out Love for yourself and the whole wide universe.
Thanks for reading...