Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Skirt or Dress.U Decide

I bought this skirt quite a while ago but never wore it as it is slightly too big for me. So this morning I decided to not let it go to waste but to metamorph it into a dress...and i got to say I really like it...Not only that  but this also means you will have forever the choice how to wear your garments.
In addition, this summer I have discovered a fresh love for the Yellow-Blue combo. It just works so well. The marriage of deep royal blue and popping yellow parades a sense of freedom which is integral to fashion. The freedom to become who ever you want, to choose how to celebrate any given occasion and to define yourself however you want. Therefore this look also can be dressed up or under and it will still work.
Kimonos are so in at the moment and rightly so. They are comfortable and again the choice is yours the kimono can either be worn on a night out or to work. I however do like the flowey hippie look.
Never forget fashion is a game play to be your fav character, the person you love the  most, someone you always wanted to be or overtrump your nemesis.whatever you do, whoever you become, remember they are all layers of the onion thats you and fashion is the knive freeing all of these to the world ;)

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Monochrome meets Red

I dont have to much to say about this one. I have to admit that I didnt think much about what to wear and basically threw the whole outfit together in about 5 mins. I guess its the effortless looks that surprise you.