Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Its an emergency Dr Martens

Ive always wanted dr martens and ive finally got some for christmas. However because of their summery pink colour i wanted to wait till spring before i can wear them...it was such a looooooong wait...but i think it was so worth it. I cant wait to get some more for this summer. Words cant describe how happy i am to posses some dr martens shoes and aside from the look, feel and popping color there is something peculier about dr martens shoes ( not so much the boots) they make every jeans, pants or trousers look chic and tailored.
My mom jeans are from top shop and i find it extremly difficult to not wear them every day. A. they look really good with anything, B. they feel amazing (as some times mom jeans can be uncomfortable esp when they are kinda tight down south) and C. they remind me of the 90ies, beverly hills 902010 (the original), eurotrash, take that, calvin klein, raves, teen movies, super models, kurt cobain, junkie glam and grunge...and i am madly in love with all that...
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Hadrien Leite said...

Super cool oufit
very nice pics
Great Blog and work