Thursday, 13 February 2014



                                                                  Funky Town (Camden)
                                                                         Top Shop
                                                                        River Island

These pics were taken on a very cold but sunny London morning which is why I was not only wearing my fav big fat scarf but also was jumping around by the end. All that in an effort to keep myself warm.
I haven't worn this crop jumper which I bought from Rokit in Camden for at least a couple of months but every time I do I realise how much I love everything about it:
  • it's bright red colour
  • it's scratchy looking but not actually scratchy material
  • it's ability to evoke a nostalgic 90ies feeling in me
  • it's massive and cosy neck
  • it's perfectly fitted arms
  • its perfect "crop-iness"
like I said I love everything about this jumper.

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