Tuesday, 29 April 2014

These Creepers Are Made For Walking

I ve got a new jumper from Top Shop and i am very happy with it. The jumper was not only very affordable (~ £26) for Top Shop standards but also is very comfy with a perfect fit.
My very pink creepers are defo some of my most liked as well as worn shoes. I wear them with everything as they a. look amazing with any style and any combo but more importantly b. they make in turn every combo look stylish. So its kinda a "chicken or egg first" situation.  In addition, i love colour (kinda obivious from the blog) and this pink is so radiant, it drives me bonkers and never really looses its radiance. Like i said i wear these creepers a lot but the colour is still as bright as on the first day.
I also very much enjoy a backpack here and there. They are so much more practical than shoulder bags and therefore its incredibly easy to wear them a lot. I defo wear backpacks more than shoulder bags as like my hands to be free for more interesting use. This one from Rokit i find especially beautiful due to its nice suede look, soft touch, perfect size and black and white cow pattern lining (sorry forgot to take a pic).

Thats really it for today...i wish all fashion junkies a great day and thank you for reading...

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